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Cooling and Heating for Your Home since 1997.

"Since 1997 our primary goal has been to provide friendly, professional service, properly diagnosing and repairing your equipment in a timely manner. We work on a flat-rate basis, giving you repair options, along with cost estimates. In the event your equipment is beyond repairing due to age, condition, or efficiency, we will advise you accordingly and give you options to guide you in your decision making. 

We know that replacing your air conditioning equipment is a major home improvement.  And, because we are a personable company, we can identify with you.  That’s why you can count on Wade Air Conditioning to do it right at a competitive price.  We will treat the installment of your air conditioning equipment as if it was our own—and we like it done right!"

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Our mission is ensure that your home is comfortable regardless how hot or cold it is outside. 

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"We were extremely fortunate to meet John and Valerie Wade over 15 years ago.  John has serviced our A/C and Heating system ever since and has done a fantastic job!  John is a true professional with unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the this highly sought after service. John is extremely personable, honest, sincere, and just an all-around good person.  We're honored to recommend Wade Air Conditioning Service.  John and Valerie are the consummate team to schedule and provide the level of service you deserve and expect for your A/C and Heating requirements."  
Don and Elda
We have used Wade Air Conditioning for over fifteen years at our home and at our business, and have had excellent service every single time!!  Both John and Valerie are polite, kind, and most of all honest.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needing A/C services.  

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Wade Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Danise and Mike Farrell
Lee's Glass & Window Works

There is never a good time for the A/C to quit in Florida!  When the unexpected happens, we make sure our customers keep their cool!

Protect Yourself!  Always Do Business with a Licensed and Insured Contractor.


Licensed Contractors

It’s the law . . . Unlicensed contracting is a felony in the state of Florida [Florida Statute 489.127 (1) (f)] and can void homeowner insurance if a fire, gas explosion, or electrical accident should occur and cause injury or property damage.  Also, according to Florida law, consumers who hire unlicensed construction contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00.

For your protection, Wade Air Conditioning strongly encourages you to use only licensed and insured contractors who will pull the proper permits and have their work inspected by local inspectors.  Licensed contractors are required to carry insurance and to maintain continuing education to renew their licenses.  This guarantees their work will meet current codes and be done in a professional manner.

Beware of companies offering free services.  Some will leave equipment not cooling adequately to prompt you to unnecessarily replace your equipment.  This is the most current scam, promoted through mailings and deceptive advertisement.

When Experience Counts

Following our 20 point program, we ensure your system is ready for any season.

When your system fails, we are there to diagnose the problem and make the repair.

We can replace your equipment with an energy efficient system that is reliable and has a 10 year warranty.